CM3 understands the evolving situation around the COVID-19 pandemic, and the concerns for effective cleaning measures as part of due diligence in facilities.  There is concern from facilities operation and the general public regarding the effectiveness of the cleaning effort, and documentation of these efforts.  

CM3 can provide technical oversight to review the current cleaning:

• Disinfection measures and procedures
• Evaluation of cleaning products and their application
• Preparation of standard operating procedures, and
• Quality assurance and control testing

Confirmatory surface cleaning efficacy testing is completed using a luminometer and bioluminance technology to identify and measure adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is an energy molecule found in all plant, animal and microbial cells. The detection of ATP on a surface can indicate the presence of biological matter that may not otherwise be visible to the human eye.  

It is important to understand that this does not identify and test for COVID-19, it is a tool used to evaluate the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection activities.  Tests can be performed in real-time, with results provided within minutes.

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